Therapeutic Yoga

For inquiries regarding private group instruction email jenny@havenyogaseattle. 



Body Love Yoga

Your body is an incredible, important part of who you are. No matter your body size, shape, or your feelings towards it, it deserves to be acknowledged and celebrated! Join Jenny for this Master Class that is designed to create space to practice and soak in body-love.



Yoga for the Anxious Mind

Anxiety can make it extremely difficult to stay in the present moment. When your mind is spinning with thoughts and your body is alerting you to potential threats, it is almost impossible to relax. Although anxiety often feels overwhelming, we can teach the body and the brain that we are safe, which allow the mind to quiet and for us to locate true restoration and healing. Join Jenny, a yoga teacher and licensed counselor, for this Master Class that is designed to reset an anxious body and mind.


Yoga for Emotional Healing

Are you feeling a deep emotional ache and need a release? If you are grieving, exhausted, or processing difficult emotions in therapy or in your relationships, this class will help you to feel safe and cared for. Class will focus on building a nurturing, safe space for you and your body, and I will lead you through a guided meditation that will allow stuck emotional energy to move through you. Bring your Kleenex and your open hearts. 


Wild Body Yoga

As woman, we are a little bit magic. The gift of our intuition and propensity for connection, gathering, and beauty makes us special creatures with an uncommon connection to the divine. Our connection to our bodies is our super power. When we tap into the language of our body, and learn how to listen to it-we have access to the deep inner wisdom and creativity that connects us to each other and to God. We believe that we can only be connected to the divine in so far as we can be connected to our bodies. We are all born with the capacity for a profound connection to our bodies, but there are also a million ways that life experience asks us to disconnect from felt experience. Join Jenny to cultivate deep reconnection to your body and soul. 

This class is open to women and femmes.