What is Haven Yoga?

Haven Yoga is yoga therapy for people who want to become better acquainted with their bodies. Our focus is helping individuals re-learn that their bodies are inherently wise and good, and that cellulite, stretch marks, and body fat are markings of our humanness -- not evidence of what is wrong with us. Our yoga classes are specifically aimed at helping participants cultivate body acceptance by learning how to be in relationship with the body.  

Bodies are elegant and wise parts of our selves, but we often view our bodies as accessories to communicate our worth to the world. In order to counteract these messages, we need to learn how to inhabit our body. To inhabit is to take up space, to consciously feel your breath, skin, heartbeat, and most importantly, to listen to your inner world. Communicating with our bodies through movement helps us to develop a deeply intimate relationship with ourselves. By reconnecting to our bodies through breath and movement we connect to our inner knowing and embody our intuition. 

Through breathing exercises, yoga, and Jenny's unique therapeutic lens, students will learn how to become more mindful of their body, from within, and connect to inner wisdom.

A couple of often asked questions

Am I the right person to register for a class session?

Our classes are created to be accessible to a wide range of people, yet are specifically designed for those who desire to feel more alive and engaged with their bodies in their day-to-day lives.

You may be someone who is curious about how to improve your relationship with your body. Maybe you are someone who has struggled with your relationship to your body since you were young. Maybe you are sick of the empty allure of dieting and looking for another way to feel comfortable in your own skin. Perhaps you have a history of an eating disorder and still feel the shadow of body hatred following you throughout the day. Whatever your story is, your journey is welcome here. Haven yoga classes will offer you the opportunity to reconnect with that good and beautiful body of yours.

Take a read through our website and see if there's anything here that resonates with you. If something inside of you is intrigued and excited by these words, we'd love to have you join us.

Are classes for women and men?

Our classes are for every person, gender, and body.

I have a larger body and feel nervous to take a class from a thin person. Is your class a good fit for me?

At Haven your body is safe and it is welcome just as it is. Your body does not need to lose one pound in order to begin cultivating body acceptance. Jenny has experience working with a wide variety of bodies and can tailor a class experience for most bodies and ability levels. If you have more specific questions about this, feel free to send her an email.

Are drop in class sessions allowed?

Since our classes are designed for a consecutive, six-week period, we don't allow drop ins. Students are kindly asked to register and pay before the class series begins.