Good Body Yoga


What if you embraced your body?

Instead of running away from the body you have, what if you embraced it? Body shame is pervasive and can feel overwhelming, but learning how to choose kindness instead of fear is one of the most lasting gifts we can give our bodies.

No Good Body classes are currently scheduled for 2019. If you’d like to host a Good Body Yoga class or series for your group, please email

Jenny has been for me a doorkeeper, a welcomer on my journey into celebrating my body in all its uniqueness and all its contours. As a woman with a very large body, there are few safe spaces to experiment with pushing back on the cultural message that my body is too big to be good. Jenny’s invitation in Good Body Yoga to allow myself to take up all the space my body takes up was a powerful experience for me as a person who has spent a lifetime being told that my body should be less.
— previous Good Body participant

Body love is a message that is spoken of more and more in our culture, but when we grow up hating and mistrusting our bodies, it can be difficult to know how to change our interaction. In this weekly class you will learn how to take practical and effective steps to cultivate body acceptance. Your body is not an object. It is not an image. It is your home.

Good Body Yoga is for those who are on the journey towards body love. You would be a good fit for this class if you feel uncomfortable in your own skin, if you occasionally feel preoccupied by body shame, or if you have a difficult time taking care of your body. Jenny uses a blend of gentle yoga, meditation, healing touch, and her therapeutic awareness to guide participants towards facing their bodies and developing body acceptance. 

ALL bodies and levels welcome.